We have had a difficult time deciding which direction to take Golden Gut but in the end we have had to choose to let go and move on to new adventures with our family. Our product and brand has grown in more ways than we ever expected and we believe we have accomplished our mission which was to educate, create awareness and in some cases be the catalyst for others to make healthy lifestyle and nutrition modifications to live their best life. 

Although the decision to cease Golden Gut production has been a lengthy and bittersweet decision we know it is also the best decision for us and our future.


Along the Golden Gut journey we have aligned ourselves with businesses that have a similar passion for wholefoods, health & wellness and we want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for taking a chance with providing our product to your customers. Similarly our thanks go out to our friends, family, online customers and any individual that has purchased our product. Your kindness and interest has not gone unnoticed and we are truly grateful for your support of our brand/product. 


The online store is now closed, however you will still be able to access this web page for recipes etc for the next couple of months.


With thanks and gratitude,


Rach & Brad